Rusted Time
Quake 4
1 on 1 Duel
2 weeks
November 2005
Radiant, Photoshop

Rusted Time is a 1 on 1 Deathmatch level created for the VIA/Doom3World Quake4 Mapping Competition. Out of roughly 20 entries it was selected for the Top 8 shortlist. This was my first foray into multiplayer design, so my goal was to create a compact, fun level that was easy to learn, but tougher to master. I am very proud of the final result, as it produced many fun matches during and after development.

The basic layout of the level came together quite quickly, followed by numerous rounds of tweaks and balancing. The level focuses around two larger arenas that contain the most valuable items, which are then connected by a series of smaller rooms. These smaller rooms were designed to be relatively safe zones allowing players to stock up on basic weapons and armor before heading to the main battlezones. The secondary goal of the level was to create a layout that resulted in smooth and intuitive traversal. The desired result of this was to encourage players to move around through the level and not simply sit near the most powerful items waiting to ambush other players. This was a great success, as in the matches I observed, players would indeed flock to the larger areas to get the best weapons or armor, but would often retreat back into the smaller areas to lick their wounds and mount a counter attack. It took some work to get the level to this point, but it was very rewarding to see it play out as intended.

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